by José R. Mas, CEO,  MasTec

The introduction of smartphones like the iPhone and Android operated mobile phones has created a new avenue for businesses to effectively reach consumers.  The growth in applications (better known as “apps”) is skyrocketing and enabling businesses to cater their marketing efforts to mobile broadband users – a growing market with a high concentration of minority users.

According to a December 2010 survey conducted by Nielson, 31 percent of mobile phone users in the U.S. own smartphones.  Among these users, 45 percent of Hispanics, 45 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders and 33 percent of African Americans owned smartphones, compared to just 27 percent of White mobile phone users.   The survey also shows that minorities are leading the charge in increased mobile broadband adoption rates with these groups opting for smartphones at higher rates than White users.

With more and more Americans accessing the Internet through their mobile devices for such things as downloading music, reading the news, or simply finding a restaurant close by, businesses would be remised to not make the best use of the growing app market and their most loyal customers – minorities.

For business, particularly minority-owned and small businesses, mobile broadband provides a tangible marketing tool for effectively reaching target markets.  Given that many minority-owned and small businesses thrive in niche markets, and considering that minorities are utilizing mobile broadband at a growing rate, the mobile wireless sector is providing yet another avenue for businesses to effectively reach consumers, while also providing consumers with greater choice and convenience.

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