Since we have relied quite heavily on Facebook as a tool for our growth,we thought it might be valuable to pass on some info that might help your small business.  In case you haven’t seen, we have a decent following on Facebook.  Facebook can be quite the valuable tool when trying to attract customers to your small business, blog, organization, etc., but understanding the value of Facebook is what is going to help you turn those “likes” into $’s.  Read the article below for more info:

David Hartstein is a partner at JG Visual, an Internet strategy company that works with organizations to develop and implement their online presence. You can connect with David on the JG Visual Facebook Page.

You’re a small business owner and you’ve decided to create aFacebookFacebook Page for your company. Or you’re an employee in an organization and, since you are the only one who “gets” social media, you’ve been charged with running a Facebook Page.

You set it up and make it look nice. You put up some photos and videos that you think represent the organization well. You e-mail a bunch of your friends and the page has almost 100 “Likes.” But one day, your boss comes in and asks you the question that you have been dreading: “Is this Facebook Page helping us or just eating away most of your time?”. . . Read the rest of the article here.