By: Marshall Kirby, Public Policy Analyst

Opti Manufacturing, based in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, won third place in the Latin American regions Entrepreneurial Spirit Award sponsored by UPS.  The contest was an initiative designed to recognize small and medium size enterprises (SME’s or PYME’s in Spanish) for innovation and success.  Opti Manufacturing received $10,000 from UPS and supplies from Hewlett-Packard.  More than 800 businesses entered the contest representing virtually every sector of industries.

This highlights the successes Puerto Rican small and mid-size firms have had in keeping up and remaining competitive and innovative in the global economy.  Additionally, it serves as another reminder of the need to congratulate and recognize successful SME’s for playing an important role in stimulating economic growth and prosperity.  While this is a strong and important acknowledgement of the strides Puerto Rico has made in fostering a business and growth friendly climate, in the overall picture it is just another step towards the goal of creating a more prosperous Commonwealth.  Policymakers still need to focus on creating and reforming laws and programs which will foster the entrepreneurial spirit which creates successful and innovative businesses and lead all to a more prosperous future.