Hispanic Business Owners, FSHCC (Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) Member Employees and Family Members May Apply

Miami —A savings of $20,000 can go a long way in helping a family make ends meet.  That kind of savings is now available to Latinos across the entire State of Florida, who are accepted into Florida International University’s Corporate Master of Business Administration program.  Effective immediately, the University is offering qualifying FSHCC Members and Business Affiliates,  as well as their direct family members, a $20,000 scholarship to pursue an accredited degree online from FIU’s Chapman Graduate School of Business-ranked  by U.S. News and World Report as one of the nation’s  top international business schools.

The $20,000 scholarship reduces the cost of the degree program to the student by almost half.   FIU is offering the scholarship to our nation’s Hispanic Business professionals to give them an opportunity to seek an affordable and accessible high quality MBA, which in turn will help them as they pursue their career goals. By completing the 18-month online program, taught by FIU’s full-time faculty, CMBA graduates will enhance managerial skills like analytical thinking and reasoning, team building and business strategy-all of which will help graduates better position themselves in today’s challenging economic environment.

Proof of Business Affiliation with FSHCC may be required.  Scholarship applicants must meet all admission requirements and provide two letters of recommendation from current or former employers, along with an essay explaining the applicant’s interest in seeking the CMBA.  For additional information about FIU’s CMBA program and scholarship opportunities, go to www.fshcc.com or call 1-866-223-7720.