Fox News picked the perfect moment to launch their new site, Fox News Latino, today.  Amidst the rescue of Chilean miners, a phenomenon that has caught worldwide attention, Fox has once again demonstrated their entrepreneurial prowess by launching a website that caters to English-speaking Latinos. 

Contrary to the philosophy behind the new government healthcare website,, which caters to an all Spanish-speaking website, Fox has decided to capitalize on the population of Hispanics that are either native English-speakers or are bilingual. 

“Many bilingual Spanish-speakers, and even many native English-speaking Latinos, have found it insulting and perhaps even ignorant when people assume that Latinos want all their information in Spanish, or are unwilling to buy products unless their advertising is in Spanish.  Frankly, there are actually more native English-speaking Latinos in the U.S., but they want to keep in touch with their roots too,” says Carlos Gutierrez, a self-proclaimed activist and resident of the Bronx.

As Hispanics have become the largest minority within the U.S. and are by far the fastest growing consumer segment, the opportunities amongst this demographic are vast.  There are already a number of dominant news websites in Spanish, so perhaps Fox has demonstrated a better understanding of the American Latino.  Or maybe they are just better at chasing the American dollar?