As posted by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council:

Yesterday, the House GOP leadership released their “Pledge to America,” which included various proposals focused on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Read SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan’s statement on the Pledge by clicking here.

Specifically, the pledge would stop tax increases on all taxpayers (when the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year) and provide small business owners with another significant tax deduction to free up additional resources for investment and hiring.  The Pledge also repeals the new health care law, and replaces it with reforms that have long been sought by the small business community.  On the regulatory front, the Pledge makes members of Congress accountable for the laws they pass by requiring congressional approval of new federal regulations.  It also proposes to start chipping away at out-of-control spending, which must be done for the U.S. to remain competitive, fiscally strong and the land of opportunity.

“Business owners want to get back to growing, investing and creating jobs. They want to stop worrying about the uncertainty of higher taxes and a health care bill that threatens to overtake their businesses with unsustainable costs and a blizzard of new paperwork,” said Kerrigan.  She congratulated Republicans for putting forth a pro-growth, pro-entrepreneur agenda that will help small business owners do just that.  To read the Pledge, please visit:

Here at The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, we are in support of policies that support small business.  However, we had heard rhetoric like this before and question anyone’s true intent, especially in an election year.  At this point, any proposals that have the potential to boost economic growth will be held in high regard considering the current economic climate.