The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with JetBlue Airways to raise money for the American Cancer Society.


According to the Intercultural Cancer Council:

Even though Hispanic women have lower rates of breast cancer (69.8 per 100,000) compared to non-Hispanic White women or Black
women (111.8 and 95.4 respectively), breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among Hispanics.

Although Hispanics have managed to maintain lower rates of breast cancer, it is quite humbling to know that it is still the leading cause of cancer deaths among Hispanics!

Help us support breast cancer research, awareness, and treatment for Hispanics, so that we can all live healthier, happier lives!

We are looking for 500 people to donate just $5.  Any donation will be accepted, but if you can only donate $5 you will still help us reach our goal!