We recently came across a book that caught our attention a little more than most.  This book, written by a professor and business school dean at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Dr. Jose Romaguera, offers a little bit more than your average book on entrepreneurship.  Entitled Chispa Empresarial (or “Entrepreneurial Spark” in English) the book provides helpful advice, thought-provoking questions, and true entrepreneurial success stories for the budding entrepreneur.

After reading other books on the subject of entrepreneurship, it becomes apparent that most classroom books study the mindset of the entrepreneur and attempt to demonstrate specific characteristics or tendencies of “the typical” entrepreneur.  Sometimes this is off-putting for the budding entrepreneur because if their own characteristics do not align with those of other “successful” entrepreneurs, they tend to become discouraged.

However, Chispa Empresarial, with its many stories/examples of normal individuals receiving that “entrepreneurial spark” and putting it to use in successful ventures, proves to be inspirational resource for anyone considering opening a business.  However, beyond that, are practical questions intended to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing in order to vet out one’s ideas and to open them for discussion and debate with outside resources who may also be of assistance.

We at The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce highly recommend the book, Chispa Empresarial,which can be found at www.ChispaEmpresarial.com.  (note: unfortunately, the book is currently only available in Spanish, with an English translation due out soon)