Today, Secretary Sebelius of the Department for Health and Human services is set to discuss a new website they are launching to “help” Latinos to make healthcare decisions:

Today, we launched, the first website in Spanish of its kind to help consumers take control of their health care by connecting them to new information and resources that will help them access quality, affordable health care coverage.   President Obama wrote an op-ed in La Opinion and El Diario La Prensa today that highlights the website and the importance of health reform to the Latino community.

The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce would like to pose the following questions for debate:

Does the website, entirely in Spanish, actually help fill a need for Latinos to make important healthcare decisions that otherwise could not be made, or is it an insult to Latinos, subliminally suggesting that they can’t make these decisions in English?  Does it hold back a community trying to integrate into American culture or support those who otherwise might not have access to this information?