Who would have thought that unemployment within a segment of the American population would reach nearly 35%?!  It may seem impossible for our economic situation to seem even more dire, but for minorities, real unemployment in an already fragile economy is approaching more than one out of every three!

Although the current state of the economy as a whole is debatable, and perhaps more debatable is the future outlook, the outlook for minorities is not going to change without a little boost. . .

Only We Can Change our OWN neighborhoods and economies!

The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce‘s goal is to grow minority-owned businesses, but despite programs that provide financing and mentorship to grow business and support the economy, We Can’t do it Alone.

If we want to stop our reliance on government or state sponsored welfare, on the financial well-being of giant corporations, on the benevolence of the political tides of the day, we have to build and promote our own economies.  The recent recession has proven that we cannot rely on our government to intercede on our behalf . . . we are just going to have to do it ourselves.

If you need help getting that idea off the ground, don’t hesitate to ask.  Many of our services, including finding grants and financing opps, are entirely free.  If you already have a successful business, let us help you advertise!

And if you really want to help someone less fortunate, DONATE HERE.  100% of your donation will go to help a new start-up that we have filtered and vetted, ensuring its potential for success.

So, quit hoping it gets better and actually do something to make it better.