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The National Puerto Rican Chamber of CommerceTM was created with the intention of aiding the development of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst Puerto Ricans and other minorities.  As we innovate, we create businesses, which create jobs and increase the well-being for everyone in society.

“With unemployment hovering around 10%, and unemployment among minorities reaching as high as 16%, we can’t afford to neglect the economy, specifically the small business sector.”

In order to allow for the cultivation of innovation we believe that we must continue to build a strong foundation of Economic Freedom. Although not completely flawless, a system allowing for the free development of our economy has the greatest potential for improving the livelihood of the most people.  We have developed a number of initiatives to ensure the continuation of economic development which will facilitate the small business owner/entrepreneur:

  • We offer free services to minority businesses, businesses hiring minorities, or new entrepreneurs to assist in vetting ideas, planning their business models, acquiring financing, marketing products and services, hiring employees, contracting, compliance, etc.;
  • We will provide grants of all sizes to qualifying businesses who we believe have a great aptitude for success, but may lack the ability to qualify for other grant programs;
  • We have started a coaching program, which will select highly viable business plans and provide financial assistance as well as one-on-one coaching in order to ensure a smooth take off;
  • We have partnered with micro-lending organizations across the country to provide funding to businesses with a high potential for success that would otherwise not qualify for traditional lending avenues;
  • For businesses that require more in-depth analyses or advice on issues related to the management of their business, we offer consulting services that range from business planning to disaster and security planning and more;
  • We will continue to advocate for all issues related to sustaining Economic Freedom and the development of small business and entrepreneurship; and
  • Our membership services provide the opportunity to access all of the above at preferred or discounted rates, as well as opportunities to be marketed through our promotional channels.

Although we are still a very young organization, we will be working with a number of organizations in order to reach our mutual goals.  Through joint advocacy efforts, economic initiatives, and other programs that we begin to develop, we are assured to make an impact on the prosperity of minority businesses throughout the country.

However, we realize that we cannot do it all alone.  We need the assistance of qualified individuals who are experts in their respective fields, volunteers, sponsors, organizations, and anyone else who is interested in positively impacting our society.

Help us, Help each other.