Another bill is being touted, this time by Sen. Joe Lieberman, which could potentially harm your business if passed.  The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act would give the president “absolute power” to shut down the entire Internet in the case of a “national emergency.”

What brings cause for concern is the idea that the national government could shut down online speech or business activity under the auspice of whatever they define as a “national security” issue.  Even more concerning is that the President, who has already expressed his interest in controlling online information and has even said that there is “too much information” available, may abuse this power and inhibit economic activity.

Larger organizations are behind the bill, because they are guaranteed reimbursement for any loss of revenues and cannot be sued by customers harmed during a shut-down.  But how can they possibly qualify the amount of economic harm that would come to small businesses and can they reimburse every small business out there, which would be EXTREMELY expensive to the federal government?

Although National Security is of the utmost of concerns to everyone in this country, much like wire-tapping or other forms of search and seizure, its important to ensure the federal government does not obtain too much power that can potentially be abused.