If Sand Landers want a preview of how SB 1070 will play out on the street once it goes into effect at the end of July, they should look north to the Windy City.

There, a Puerto Rican man was threatened with deportation by ICE agents after being arrested by local cops in an incident involving a stolen car.

Eduardo Caraballo's mom tried to bail him out, but ICE wouldn't let him go. They suspected him of being illegal, though he is in fact an American citizen, born on the American territory of Puerto Rico.

Even after his mom, who is Mexican, presented federal authorities with Caraballo's birth certificate, ICE officers didn't believe he was here legally. 

They peppered him with questions about the Caribbean isle, but he didn't have the answers. He hasn't been to Puerto Rico since he was a teenager.

"Just because of the way I look, I have Mexican features, they pretty much assumed my papers were fake," Caraballo told a reporter for NBC Chicago. . . 

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We at The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce are intentionally not taking a side on this issue, however, we thought this story would add some fuel to the controversy!