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Wynn complains of unpredictable US govt, moves most of HQ to CHINA. . .
There is a reason we have a problem with raising taxes and increasing regulation on existing business, especially in Puerto Rico.
With real unemploment appoaching 30%, the last thing Puerto Rico needs is another business to close.  Well, instead of insuring RJ Reynolds the break they needed to continue their operations (and employment) in Puerto Rico, the government thinks it wiser to continue to raise taxes on these corporations. 
THE RESULT:, RJ Reynolds is now closing their plant in PR, ending 60 jobs. 
Taxes up, jobs down.  Its a simple fact. 
If Sand Landers want a preview of how SB 1070 will play out on the street once it goes into effect at the end of July, they should look north to the Windy City.

There, a Puerto Rican man was threatened with deportation by ICE agents after being arrested by local cops in an incident involving a stolen car.

Eduardo Caraballo's mom tried to bail him out, but ICE wouldn't let him go. They suspected him of being illegal, though he is in fact an American citizen, born on the American territory of Puerto Rico.

Even after his mom, who is Mexican, presented federal authorities with Caraballo's birth certificate, ICE officers didn't believe he was here legally. 

They peppered him with questions about the Caribbean isle, but he didn't have the answers. He hasn't been to Puerto Rico since he was a teenager.

"Just because of the way I look, I have Mexican features, they pretty much assumed my papers were fake," Caraballo told a reporter for NBC Chicago. . . 

See the rest here:
We at The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce are intentionally not taking a side on this issue, however, we thought this story would add some fuel to the controversy!

Try our new ASK US ANYTHING page!  No matter how seemingly menial or grandiose, we will do what we can to help you out.  After all, we are all living in the same economy and if you make just one job. . .well, that will be one more than we had before.  

Issue:  14 years ago Puerto Rico was given a mandated funding order by Congress to go towards improving/developing the infrastructure of phone lines in rural areas of Puerto Rico.  Without this infrastructure, poorer people who live in these areas (more than 200,000 of them) have little or no access to any kind of telephone communication or broadband and internet access.  In today’s technologically advanced age, access to these technologies are incredibly important for communication, job searches, information research, and even business development.  99.7% of businesses today are small businesses and small businesses employ almost 50% of the population.  For the small businesses of Puerto Rico to compete, innovate, grow, and EMPLOY, it is imperative that they have access to at least a phone line.  To this day, those monies, which WERE MANDATED BY LAW, have not been received by Puerto Rico.  

UPDATE:  This week The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce met with members of Congress in order to persuade them to place pressure on the FCC to live up to their mandate and provide the funding to Puerto Rico that was promised.  Four Puerto Rican Congressmen are on board with this push, however, Puerto Rican legislators from the island have not ramped up their pressure on the resident commissioner (Puerto Rico’s representative in Congress) to lead the charge.  Currently, the National Puerto Rican Coalition (NPRC) and MMTC are working diligently to see to it that Puerto Rico gets the funding they were promised and so desperately need.  

That's right, real unemployment in Puerto Rico is above 25%!  And you thought you had it bad.  

Help us help out our brothers and sisters on the island and within the U.S.  Donate to The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce so we can help save our economy!  Donate here.

Welcome to the new website for The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce!  You can visit us at or  It's still under construction, so many pages aren't fully functioning yet, but demand prevented us from waiting any longer to release the site!

Our main goal?  "Our mission is the support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation for Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, and Minorities throughout Puerto Rico and the mainland U.S. by providing a comprehensive resource for incubating and growing business ideas as well as representing the interests of those businesses in our national government."

Just testing our new systems folks.  Don't be alarmed, good stuff is coming soon. 

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